Wayland Dobbs Jr is the creator and proprietor of Wayland the Smith. He is an artisan using his skills as a machinist, welder, blacksmith, and fabricator. Wayland’s passion is figuring out how to make things. His work is in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the World’s Largest Spur in 2016 and may be viewed on the World’s Largest Spur Facebook page.

At one time, he owned and operated Pioneer Puzzles Inc., a metal art puzzle business. During the past twenty years Wayland has been using his talents to serve Cherokee Home for Children and Camp Blue Haven, working on structural and artistic projects. He managed and facilitated a challenge course for the camp, including designing and building innovative elements and accessories. 

Wayland and his wife, Kandis, live in Cherokee, Texas. When he isn’t working in his shop or farming, he loves four-wheeling with his grandchildren or tinkering with the golf ball roller coaster he created for them. He also enjoys hunting, rappelling, and facilitating team-building activities. He has a desire to develop long lasting relationships and encourage young people in their faith.

Wayland enjoys “thinking outside the box” to solve any challenge, whether he’s fabricating a new tool, designing metal works of art, or creating unique accent pieces for a home. Although Wayland has been in the metal crafting business for 30 years, it was only recently that he renamed his business Wayland the Smith.  He was inspired by the legend of Wayland The Smith , a medieval blacksmith. The mythological Wayland’s metal working prowess, creativity, and ability to outwit his captor using blacksmith skills intrigued him. While the legendary Wayland the Smith’s prowess was based in mythology and folklore, Wayland Dobbs agrees with Bezalel in Exodus 31, that God has given him skill, ability, and knowledge and that he should use those skills to honor God while serving others.